Festival Frequenter

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Rewards: 520px arenanet points & Invitation to the party.

At each festival, you will receive by mail an invitation which allow you to teleport yourself on the place of the festivities. So, you just have to wait for each festival and take your invitation.

  Festival Item Utility Rebuy cost
  Lunar New Year Invitation to Lunar New Year Teleport yourself to Divinity's Reach (only during Lunar New Year).  
  Super Adventure Festival Invitation to the Super Adventure Festival  Teleport yourself into the Super Adventure Box (only during the Super Adventure Festival ).  
  Dragon Bash Invitation to Dragon Bash Teleport yourself to Hoelbrak (only during Dragon Bash).  
  Festival of the Four Winds Invitation to the Festival of the Four Winds Teleport yourself to Labyrinthine Cliffs (only during the Festival of the Four Winds).  
  Halloween Invitation to the Mad Realm Teleport yourself to the Mad King's Labyrinth (only during Halloween). 1Agglomerat de bonbons
  Wintersday Invitation to Wintersday Teleport yourself to Divinity's Reach (only during Wintersday).  

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Correction : Brume & Rousskass

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