Shadow of the Mad King


Arguably Foodlike

Rewards: 5Ic and 10 trick-or-treat bags

Eat more than the recommanded intake of candy corn.

Eat 150 pieces of candy corn to complete the achievement.

Shut the doors 

Rewards: 5Ic and 10 trick-or-treat bags

Complete 30 door events in the Mad King's Labyrinth.

Take part of 30 door events which mainly consist in defeating waves of monsters and bosses.

Routing the Rebel Rabble 

Rewards: 10Ic and 10 trick-or-treat bags

Kill 150 of the Lunatic Court Rebels. Or the non-rebels. Just get in there and we'll sort out the teams later.

Kill a total of 150 Halloween enemies. Mad King's Labyrinth is a good spot for this achievement, as you can complete it easily while farming door events.

Mad Drifter

Rewards: 5Ic and 10 trick-or-treat bags

Complete a lap of the race event or time trial in Mad King's Raceway in under one minute 30 seconds.

Complete a lap in under 1:30. See our video guide.

Pumpkin Carving 

Rewards: 17Ic, 10 trick-or-treat bags and titre.jpg : Master carver

Find pumpkins all around Tyria and carve them.

You need to carve a total of 150 pumpkins. You can find them in every Tyria map, especially in cities, but also in every instance of Mad King's Labyrinth.


Courtly service

Rewards: 5Ic and 10 trick-or-treat bags

Tithe 5 gold commissioning services for the Mad King's Labyrinth.

The Mad King's Steward, in the center of the Labyrinth, can offer services for money.

  • 1Piecedor: One of the following:
    • Add a merchant
    • Add a bank access
    • Add a mount rental service
  • 5Piecedor: Food for everyone. Grants the same effects as Spicy Pumpkin Cookie.

Giving 5Piecedor is enough to complete the achievement.

Ancient Grudge

Rewards: 10Ic and 10 trick-or-treat bags

Kill 150 of Palawa Joko's minions.

Kill any awakened that can be found in every Path of Fire map. We recommand you the Bonstrand Garrison Point of interest[&BKcKAAA=]. There are a few spots of awakened in Central Tyria if you don't have Path of Fire. Here are some of them:



Mad King's life and death

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