Wintersday’s Wonderland Jumping Puzzle

This jumping puzzle is done against the clock and has 3 phases. The duration of the jumping is about 2 minutes. Players regularly take frost damage and are sent back to the start if knocked out. In addition, the first phase has its own chrono: the platforms disappear successively after a few moments.

How to get started?

Talk to the Festive Youth near the Crown Pavilion Waypoint waypoint-map-icon.png[&BCwDAAA=].

Puzzle de saut départ

Video guide

Video by Dulfy (2017)

Farm Video by Rheyo (2017)

Written guide

Phase n°1: Snowflakes

Phase1puzzlejumpPhase 1 offers 3 different paths: the Quaggan’s path, the snowmen’s path, and the gingerbread men’s path, respectively from the simplest to the most difficult. The Quaggan’s path offers snowflake platforms that remain permanently active while those of the other paths do not remain active very long. The most perilous passage for everyone is probably the jump on barley sugars: Be careful not to over / under evaluate them. Remember to raise the camera briefly to make these precision jumps. Helpful Hint: If you don't have time to turn the camera, you can jump sideways using the A and D keys rather than turning the camera and then doing it with W.

The snowflake platforms only remain active for a short time, so you will have to progress without stopping. Hesitate 1 second on a jump and the platform will slip under your feet, forcing you to start the jumping again.

Once you have crossed the flakes, you will arrive in a sector of mint pastil platforms. These don't go away, but you still need to hurry if you don't want to freeze to death. So keep jumping until you reach the campfire which will keep you warm.


The 2013 waypoint allowed you to be brought back to this platform if you fell or die from the cold. (Note that this waypoint only worked once: if you failed 2 times, you were brought back to the start of phase 1)

Phase n° 2: Gift

Phase2puzzlejumpThe gifts in front of you will randomly disappear after a player steps on one of them. The only indication you have is that the gift will briefly shake before exploding. To start destroying the gifts at the latest, you can jump to a red gift rather than going through the blue ones: be careful not to underestimate the jump. We advise you to cross straight ahead, and press your space bar continuously. This should allow you to get through this phase quickly.


Phase 3&: Snowballs

Phase3puzzlejump2Phase3puzzlejump1The next sector is easier although you have to be vigilant. Avoid the giant snowballs by placing yourself on the mint pastils next to the trail (you can "dodge" the snowballs). On the way, Skritts place areas identified by red circles that you must also avoid: these will freeze you, which will slow you down and increase the risk of losing precious seconds that will be sorely missed at the end of the puzzle.

Also watch out for gusts of wind blowing at the top of the pellets. These can propel you to your death or make you lose enough time to have to wait for another snowball to pass: enough to make you succumb to frostbite well before the end of the puzzle. We can also dodge through if needed.

Phase3puzzlejump3Wait for the snowball to pass and then immediately jump onto the mint disk behind: this safe area will be used to wait for the next ball to pass.

Once the ball has passed, run to reach the discs on your right. You will normally have time to reach them before the next ball passes, beware of the Skritt traps mentioned above, and be sure to wait on the 2nd to avoid wasting time.


Phase3puzzlejump5Phase3puzzlejump4Wait again for the passage of the ball then progress to the next pellet. Also pay attention to the gusts of wind blowing at the top of this patch: if you go too high you will be blown, too low you will be crushed by the ball.

Phase3puzzlejump6Wait one last time for a ball to pass and go for the final straight line! If you have not lost too much time to get there, you should have just a few health points left at the end. Stay calm; you quickly miss a jump under the pressure.

  • A magnificent chest containing:
  • The first three times per day you also get 5000Karma 20px and 254020px experience​.
    • The following times, you will get 1000Karma 20px and 254020px experience​.


Translation : Foxx
Correction : Deathmortus & Eden

Last edited: 19/12/2019

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