Activity: Snowball Mayhem

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A complete guide to the “Snowball Mayhem” activity introduced as part of the Guild Wars 2 Wintersday event.

How to get started ?

Go to the Divinity’s Reach, Crown Pavilion Waypoint waypoint-map-icon.png[&BCwDAAA=] and speak to the “Festive Lion Guard” located north of the dome.


Standards and goals


The purpose is to bring gifts back to your own camp. The 1st team to reach 500 points will win the game.

Combat professions

Three professions will be available. Once chosen, you can change classes at any time using your elite spell which will take you back to the entrance, next to the snowman.

  Skills Description
Supporters keep allies alive and control areas with icy spells.
Fire Snowball.png Throw Snowball Throw a snowball at your target.
Cold Wind.png Healing Breeze Heal allies in a cone in front of you, including yourself. Allies gain 5 seconds of regeneration.
Icy Ground.png Icy Ground Coat the target area in ice, causing enemies to slip.
Snow Barrier.png Ice Wall Create an ice wall to block enemies and their snowballs.
Snowroll.png Snowroll Roll yourself into a ball of snow to knock your foes around.
Heavy Gunner
Fusil degaineHeavy Gunners deals a lot of damage. While your gun is drawn you will move slower, but will regenerate health and can't be knocked down.
Fire Snowball.png Fire Snowball Fire a snowball at your target.
Draw Rifle.png Powder Spray Spray a cone of snow in front of you.
Jump Shot (Snowball Mayhem).png Jump Shot Blast the ground, damaging nearby foes and leaping to your target.
Snowball Trap.png Overcharged Shot Fire a giant snowball with enough force to knock back your target.
Defensive Bubble.png Defensive Bubble Create a dome around you that pushes foes back and reflects projectiles.
Scouts excel at movement and quick strikes. They infiltrate and eliminate.
Fire Snowball.png Quick Shot Throw a snowball at your target.
Evasive Shot.png Evasive Shot Fire a quick shot in an evasive retreat.
Snow Barrage.png Rapid Fire Fire multiple snowballs at your foe.
Sniper Shot (Snowball Mayhem).png Sniper Shot Fire a long range shot. The longer you charge the shot, the farther and faster it will fly.
Snowblind.png Snowblind Vanish in a flurry of snow, blinding nearby enemies.

Profession-specific skills

These skills appear in the 6th skill bar slot.

Summon Ice Elemental.png Elementalist Summon Ice Elemental: Summon an ice elemental to help you fight.
Build Snowman.png Engineer Snowman Turret: Build a snowman turret that throws snowballs at foes. Detonate your snowman turret to deal damages.
Slingshot of Understanding.png Guardian Slingshot of Understanding: Summon an arcane slingshot to aid you in battle. If reactivated, Command the Slingshot of Understanding to fire a barrage of snowballs on its target. This destroys the slingshot.
Clone (Snowball Mayhem).png Mesmer Clone: Summon a clone of yourself.
Frostmark.png Necromancer Frostmark: Inscribe a mark that chills foes when triggered and chains to nearby foes.
Snowball Trap.png Ranger Snowball Trap: Set a trap that will launch a barrage of snowballs at your foe when triggered.
Vengeful Snowballs.png Revenant Vengeful Snowballs: Invoke snowballs to circle around you, damaging and chilling foes.
Freeze Beam.png Thief Ice Wurm Venom Trap: Set a trap that freezes enemies with ice wurm venom when triggered..
Rush (Snowball Mayhem).png Warrior Rush: Knock your foe down with a headlong charge. Reflect snowballs while running.


These bonuses can be obtained all over the map.

  • Damage increased: All of your attacks deal additional damages.
  • Speed increased: Your movement speed is increased.
  • Piercing fire: Your snowballs pass through enemies allowing you to hit multiple people.
  • Skill Reload: Your weapon spells reload faster.
  • Regeneration: Grants you regeneration.

Score and team

  • Your team will earn 100 points each time you bring a gift from the center of the map to your base; gives you 10 personal points
  • Your team will earn 5 points per enemy killed; granting you 3 personal points.



Here is the map of Snowball Mayhem.

The central area at the top of the map is the area where gifts appear.

The two blue and red areas at the bottom left and right of the map are the players spawn areas (the bases).

The light blue zone indicates a jump zone which allows a quick shortcut between the two bases. Be careful, some jumps require speed.


  • All professions: Ctrl + right click on your spell # 1 to activate the automatic cast.
  • Supporter: Once your enemy is down, use the Snowroll skill. It deals huge damage to players on the ground!
  • Scout:
    • You can use Snowblind near an allied gift carrier, which will grant you Speed.
    • Camp near the enemy base, when you see an opponent carrying a gift, use your Snowblind and then Sniper shot. If Sniper shot is fully charged, it will take 80% of your opponent's life down.


Translation : Foxx
Layout : Deathmortus
Correction : Deathmortus, Eden & Kintaro

Thanks : Tania

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