Reaper's Rumble

Reaper's Rumble is a PvP mode exclusively accessible during Halloween, which oppose two teams inside the Mad King's Realm. Each team have to protect their three mausoleums and destroy the enemy team ones. You can enter this mode by talking to the Lunatic Boatmaster.

Concept and rewards


Reaper's Rumble is based on a simple concept:

  • You have to find pumpkins on the map and throw them inside your mausoleums to spawn skeletons for your team.
  • You have to escort your skeletons through all the map so they can destroy the opposing team's mausoleums.

Progress and game mechanics

  • Two teams play against each other : red team and blue team.
  • They have three mausoleums each to defend.
    • Each mausoleum is defended by four skeletons.
  •  Cornfields provide Furtivité.png Stealth to players.
    • Hitting or receiving damages removes Stealth.
  • Pumpkins appears all along the map center and are marked by Evenement dynamique halloween icon.
  • Each pumpkin thrown inside a mausoleum spawn four skeletons whom will defend the mausoleum before attacking the opposing team's ones.
  • The first team whom achieve to destroy the three opposing team's mausoleum win the game.

Skills list

Note: Evenement dynamique halloween icon in description means that a pumpkin is requiered for the player to use this skill.

Pos. Name Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Couper.png Chop
Séquence de compétence.png Taillade.png Chop
Séquence de compétence.png Salve de fusil.png Shoot
    Chain. Chop your foe.
½   Chain. Chop your foe.
½   Shoot your target.
1 Écrasement de citrouille.png Pumpkin Smash   Evenement dynamique halloween Smash your pumpkin over your foe's head, stunning them. This has a chance to destroy your pumpkin.
2 Jet de hache.png Leap ¾ 8 Leap at your foe.
2 Lancer de citrouille.png Throw Pumpkin   1 Evenement dynamique halloween Throw a pumpkin at your foe. Throwing a pumpkin into a friendly mausoleum will supply your army.
3 Hache cyclone.png Axe Spin ½ 8 Attack and cripple the foes around you.
  • The attack hits twice.
  • Inflicts 8 seconds of Infirmité.png​ Crippled.
4 Salve de fusil.png Shoot ½ 5 Shoot your target.
5 Tir focalisé (Fracas de la Faucheuse).png Aimed shot ½ 12 Shoot your target with careful targeting.
  • Fires a projectile in a horizontal line.
  • Projectile explodes at point of impact, dealing damages from the center outwards.
  • Deals approximately 10,000 damage points if the shot hit the enemy directly.
6 Morceau de bonbon.png Raw Candy Corn   12 Eat to recover health.
  • Heals for approximately 7,500 health points.


  • Intercepting a pumpkin: 5 points.
  • Kill an enemy NPC: 5 points.
  • Kill an enemy player: 10 points.
  • Destroy a mausoleum: 10 points.


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