Imbued Holographic Weapons

How to get them?

How to get holographic weapons?

You can get Holographic weapons in Dragon Bash Victory Coffers which are rewards of repeatable achivement: Party Commander.

Each weapon has commander statistics (Puissance.png Power, Précision.png Precision, Robustesse.png Toughness et Durée d'avantage.png Concentration) and a Superior Sigil of Hologram Slaying.

How to get imbued holographic weapons?

After having obtained the holographic weapon of your choice (for example the axe), it is now possible for you to buy this same holographic weapon, but in "enchanted" version, from Dragon Bash weapons vendor for 2Or and 3 Jorcolat per unit.

Each weapon has commander statistics (Power Power, Precision.png Precision, Toughness Toughness and Boon duration Concentration).


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Images: French Wiki (Holographic Weapons) & Deathmortus (Imbued Holographic Weapons)
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