• Join the Masters of the Arena Tournament

    ArenaNet partner MightyTeapot is calling North American and European players alike to participate in the Masters of the Arena PvP tournament! Qualify to join the fight and win incredible prizes. More informations in this news !

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  • GamesCom 2019 par Nico Le Ch'ti

    Cette année encore, j’ai eu l’opportunité de pouvoir assister au plus grand salon du jeu vidéo en Europe, la bien nommée GamesCom. Avec des membres du LBM et Ayana de GW2.FR, durant 4 jours, j’ai pu mettre la main sur des jeux pas encore sortis mais aussi assister à quelques événements.

  • Legendary armour ? An idea not as bad as it seems

    Raid lovers know it well: on top of the exclusive weapons, armour and trinkets that comes with each raid boss, the Forsaken Thicket allows players to start a legendary journey that leads to the creation of a legendary armour : the Emissary Armour. [Yes, it's ARMOUR with a "U", that's how it's supposed to be written è_é ]. Though many were unimpressed by the idea. Supposing we have to manually swap runes on this armour just like we must with legendary weapons, then the uses of such an item are fairly limited beyond the prestige and fame associated with legendary items.

    Are you sure about it ? Allow me to show you how this armour is much more practical that you would think.

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