Season 4

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Living World Season 4 -  28th november 2017 (Annonce)

When he died, Balthazar released all the magical energy he possessed. Aurene absorbed part of it and experienced a surge of growth. But the lion’s share goes to Kralkatorrik who recovers instantly from the wounds inflicted by Balthazar’s weapon and flies away to take refuge in the mountains. Furthermore, Palawa Joko, Lich King of Elona, learned of the Commander’s trickery and will not let this affront go unpunished.


  • Domain of Istan

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    Daybreak - november 28, 2017

    Battle through a Brandstorm, get a brutal lesson in Elonian history, and investigate a literal cold case in today’s release

  • Sandswept Isles


    A Bug in the System - March 6, 2018

    Portals are still delivering Palawa Joko’s invasion forces to Tyria at an alarming rate, and Taimi may have picked up a lead on where they’re coming from. Check in with her, then meet up with Agent Kito for new intel from the Order of Shadows.

  • Domain of Kourna

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    Longue vie à la liche - June 26, 2018

    The asuran entomologist Gorrik is on trial, accused of plotting to unleash a deadly infestation. Head to the Free City of Amnoon to talk him out of trouble, but take care not to mention the Scarab Plague—you wouldn’t want to cause a panic.

  • Jahai Bluffs

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    A Star to Guide Us - September 18, 2018

    Spearmarshal Zaeim is gathering representatives of the Elonian factions, hoping to forge an alliance of peace in Joko’s absence—but Aurene has decided to crash the summit. Once you find her in Vehtendi Vineyard, she is so grounded.

  • Thunderhead Peaks

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    All or Nothing - January 8, 2019

    Caithe has a lead on Glint’s legacy, and wants to ask Ogden Stonehealer some questions–but the Durmand Priory isn’t exactly welcoming her with open arms. Meet her in Lornar’s Pass to seek Ogden’s counsel.

  • Dragonfall

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    War Eternal - May 14, 2019

    With the devastating loss of Aurene, Tyria faces an existential threat: the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik’s victory is all but certain. The commander and their allies must reconcile themselves to their defeat and find a way to rejoin the seemingly hopeless battle.

  • Acquisition of Roller Beetle

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    Discover our guides for the acquisition of the Roller Beetle, the 6th mount of GuildWars 2 : Path of Fire.

    Complete the instance "Forearmed Is Forewarned" of episode 3 of season 4 "Long Live the Lich", then start the dialogue with the Spearmarshal Zaeim as requested. Many goals are then offered to you, so go directly to talk with Gorrik north of the Lien du point de passageAllied Encampment Waypoint — [&BFcLAAA=]. At the end of the dialogue, you unlock the achievement "High Roller". Talk again to Gorrik to start the collections of which here are our guides.

  • Acquisition of Skyscale

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    The whole of achievements necessary to obtain the skyscale mount.


    • Own Guildwars 2 : Path of Fire extension,
    • Own all the episodes of the Living World Season 4
    • To have completed the episode 6 of the Living World Season 4 on one of the characters of your account
    • 41Or, 1500magie volatile, 500Trade contract & 250 Kralkatite/20px difluorite crystal/87645/Mistonium/Masse stigmatisee/Brumaille

    Minimum completion time

    Getting the skyscale takes at least 5 days

    1. Newborn Skyscales (Skyscale Scales, Skyscale MedicineSkyscale Fever et Skyscale Eggs) - 4h
    2. Saving Skyscales - 2h
    3. Rising Skyscales - 3 jours
    4. Troublesome Skyscales - 2h
    5. Riding Skyscales - 2h