Sun's Refuge

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Upgrade this ancient cavern into a perfect shelter for your allies. Catch up with them, and they may have information that will lead you to new content and rewards.


  • Full House

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    Full House (Meta-achievement)  

    Reward : 120px arenanet points , 20px title icon : Keeper of the Sun et 1 Blessed Coffer of the Sun

    Discover and complete all the collections within Sun's Refuge.

    • Readathon  
    • Exhibit Aye  
    • Crystal Attunement  
    • In a Grain of Sand  
    • Good, Better, Nest  
    • Memorabilia  
    • Poster Child  
    • The Convergence of Sorrow I: Elegy  

    Complete the chapter Legacy of the Episode 4 of Living World to unlock this achievement.