Brand Stomped

Reward : 1020px arenanet points 

Repair all 10 broken Brand Stompers around Grothmar Valley.

To start this collection, speak with Vetia Foerazer at the Bloody Fort.  . You must find broken Brand Stompers, interact with and defend them from stigmatized enemies until the circular timer above is completed.


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East of the Site remarquable Rusty meadow's Fangstorm's Farmhouse.


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Over the hill, North of the Ash Legion's Camp.


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Between the Khan Ur Cave and the Burning Effigy, North of the Point de passage Dalada Forest Waypoint.


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At the base of a tree, North of Site remarquable Dam which is North of the blood keep.


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Over the hill , South-West ofSite remarquableBand's Bivouac.


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West of the Ooze Pit, near the border of the map.


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East of the Point de passage Dalada Forest Waypoint.


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East of the Blood Keep and West of the Site remarquableSantia's Forge.


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South of the Site remarquableSantia's Forge.


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West of the Training Grounds near the Site remarquableShiver Gate.

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