Hidden Point of interest, Recon Cove (Shattered Steppes)

This guide is going to explain how to reach the point of interestSite remarquableRecon Cove [&BBEMAAA=] under the Shattered Steppes in Grothmar Valley.

  1. Visit  Malice swordshadow's tente at theSite remarquableAsh Legion Camp [&BPULAAA=] At the east of the Camp .
  2. Approach the cabinet next to the desk. Look at the symbols onto it, memorized the symbols and in which order they are(example).
  3. With the help of adjacent map,spot the trees with the same symbols,and touch them in order(from left to right on the cabinet)
  4. If you are burning, you made a mistake, do it again from the beginning. If not, you are on the good way, keep going.
  5. The last Symbol will propose to go through a tunnel , that lead to theSite remarquableRecon Cove[&BBEMAAA=].
  6. The Symbols orders change everyday.

Editor : Waldolf
Translation : Mix3X

Last edited: 13/04/2020

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