Shiverpeaks Pass Strike mission


To access this Strikemission, you must have:


The Shiverpeak pass is the first strike mission and it is located in the Grothmar Valley.

Recent reports indicate that the pass has become more dangerous since a monstrosity of ice caused an avalanche that cut the path further north. Crecia and the Blood Legion are looking for volunteers to join the pass to check if conditions are safe to start rebuilding the path.

In order to enter this instance, you must create a squad. When you want to open an instance of the Shiverpeak pass, you have the option of choosing between two types of group to go and face the enemy. However, there are certain restrictions to be able to open a proceeding:

  • Strike mission: Shiverpeak pass (squad)
    • The squad organized with your friends or guilds friends for example.
    • The instance launcher must have completed the prologue.
  • Strike mission: Shiverpeak pass (public)
    • The public squad, you are grouped automatically with players who also seek to make this attack mission.
    • All players must have completed the prologue in order to access the content.

Let's Go!

Throughout the area, you are under the effect of hypothermia. You cannot ride mounts and move slowly. The use of hang gliding is however possible.

To reach the boss, the legendary frost sentry, you must first walk a winding path that is strewn with obstacles.

  • The first is a tunnel in which you will find yourself facing giant snowballs that constantly repel you.
    • SIf you have no stunning breaker on you, be sure that you will quickly find yourself again at the entrance to the tunnel.
    • To move forward, you can hide in hollows in the walls of the tunnel.
    • Take care, because the floor is slippery.
  • The next part is a small jumping puzzle where all along are five chests of the Grothmar Valley, whose positions change daily.
  • Continue to advance and climb along the cliff to gain height.
    • Be careful, not only do ice chips fall to the ground along the way, but some areas are also slippery.

When a player reaches the board where the boss is located, a teleportation sanctuary will be available to reach the end of the path. The boss does not attack you until it is attacked, however once the fight begins the whole squad is put into combat.

Gw081 7

The grounding state is active but you cannot revive your allies who are permanently dead during combat.

The icebrood construct.

When you fight the icebrood construct, you take environmental damage. The biting aura deals damage every three seconds if you are within a 2000 range radius..

The enemy has three basic attacks from the start of combat. Like a raid, new combat mechanics will be added as the fight progresses, however, the difficulty is far below that of raids.

The sentry with two attacks that stand out in a punch on the ground that releases an ice shock wave. They differ slightly and last until the phase change:

  • A punch that she lowers on the ground and releases an ice shock wave upon impact. This attack is repeated most often and is announced by an orange circle on the ground.
  • A punch that she lowers on the ground, which releases an ice shock wave at the time of impact and which invokes snowballs that rotate around the boss. These snowballs inflict heavy damage on players who take them. This attack is repeated less often and is announced by a small circle with a red perimeter on the ground.

In either case, you can jump over the shock wave to avoid taking damage.

The last mechanic that appears throughout the fight is that of shards of ice crashing to the ground.


When the legendary hawk sentry reaches 85% of his health bar, he incorporates new mechanics into his combat repertoire. It will form an AoE which extends in a semicircle in front of it. When its arm hits the ground, it repels the players and inflicts great damage to those affected. In the process, a snow trap will form around it which sucks the players, without inflicting damage to them.

Gw088 compressed 3


At 75% of reached life, a new attack is added to the combat. The sentinel will target a player and cause an AoE to appear under his feet. When the AoE is filled, an ice crystal crashes, inflicting damage and icing the affected players.

Gw101 compressed 3


The boss transforms when he has only half his life. It will not be possible to select it during its animation. You can then see that his body is changing, more precisely he loses one of his arms. Take care to avoid the explosion and the debris of ice, they repel you. Take advantage of this short moment of respite to get back on your feet. Several new mechanics will take place in combat.Two mounds of ice will form on the ground, on either side of the sentry, and release countless scoops of ice in three directions.You can only climb on the mounds when these scoops of ice disappear.

Gw211 compressed 2

Please note: the sentry will try to destroy one of the mounds. It will focus and momentarily stop attacking you while an AoE forms on one of the mounds. Be sure not to find yourself on the one she's targeting. The mechanics consist in that all the players find themselves standing on the mound which is not aimed, in order to have enough height to jump over the shock wave which will result from its attack.

At the same time from half of its life, the sentinel forms a new AoE which extends in a semicircle. This attack devastates the area of an ice sheet when the sentry sweeps the ground with his arm instead of making you spin. This attack occurs quite often and is an improved version of the simple punch.

Gw219 compressed 2


From 25% of the sentinel's life, three mounds will appear. And from 10% of his life, four mounds will appear.

Fight Video

Guild Wars 2 : Mission d'attaque - Le Col des Cimefroides

The rewards earned after defeating the icebrood construct will vary depending on the effectiveness of your group. This attack mission is primarily a race against the clock which means that the faster you are at defeating your enemy, the more rewards you will get. A stopwatch displays the remaining time of each bonus chest you can get.

You can get a set number of daily chests. The number of chests remaining is displayed in the event notification on your game interface.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the possible rewards in the daily final chest:

Shiverpeak Pass
Rank Allowed time Remaining Chest
Recompense d'aventure or 4:00 3
Recompense d'aventure argent 7:00 2
Recompense d aventure bronze 12:00 1

Succes List

Stay Frosty  

Reward : 320px arenanet points 

Complete the Shiverpeaks Pass Strike Mission.

Ice Breaker  

Reward : 320px arenanet points 

Defeat the final boss of the Shiverpeaks Pass Strike Mission without dying.

Smooth as Ice  

Reward : 320px arenanet points 

Defeat the final boss of the Shiverpeaks Pass Strike Mission within the time limit.

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Correction : Deathmortus, Mannou
Translation : Mix3X

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