Cavern of the Khan-Ur

This map has 4 meta-events that each offer 1 different key. Gathering the 4 keys gives access to the Khan-Ur Cave, which offers excellent rewards. You lose the 4 keys at the opening of the big vault of the Caveau.

Ceremony of the Sacred Flame Flame Legion Key
The Haunting of Doomlore Shrine Ash Legion Key
The Ooze Pit Trials Blood Legion Key
A Concert for the Ages Iron Legion Key

This chain of events has 3 and requires at least 3 players to be completed. The timer to complete the entire chain of events is 15 minutes. Indeed, the final effigy must be fired before dawn.

  • Point de passage : Blood Keep Waypoint
  • Site remarquableEternal Cauldron
  • Site remarquable End : Unity's Beacon

Damage the elementals to help Flame Legion siphon their power!

You must kill the Champion Fire Elemental as quickly as possible. You can't attack if you're out of the central plateform.

Do not worry about the little elementals that can be used to get up if you're down.

It is entirely possible to complete this event alone, but it will be felt on the general timer of the event chain.

Pass the flame from torch to torch to transport it to the upper brazier

This event requires a little cooperation and understand the operation at the first shot is not simple, as a picture is better than 1000 words, we made a small image guide :



Ignite the effigy with the Sacred Flame!

hit the effigy or get thrown into the air by the wild flames to gain the special skill "Sacred Flame" which also allows to do big damage on the effigy.

Many enemies appear throughout the fight including champions, focus on the effigy. Moreover these will always be there at the end of the fight.


A group of legionnaires is heading to investigate Doomlore Shrine.

This chain of events has 3 and requires at least 3 players to be completed. The timer is specific to each of the 3 events.

  • Point de passage : Dalada Forest Waypoint
  • Site remarquable Start : Rally Pavilion
  • Site remarquable End : Doomlore Shrine

Escort the shaman to Doomlore Shrine .

You have 10 minutes to escort the shaman from theSite remarquable  Rally Pavilion at Site remarquableThe Haunting of Doomlore Shrine

He stop twice during the his path and need to be defended againt ennemies waves, devourers and ghosts.


Defend the Flame Legion shaman as he casts his spell to summon Doomlore's Bane by force

You have 5 minutes to effectively defend the shaman as he casts his spell.

Be carefull that he is not attacked or killed.

At the end of the event the Intendant of Murakai, a champion, appears and he presents no difficulty.

Defeat Murakai, Doomlore's Bane.

You have 10 minutes to kill Murakai.

She invokes giant wurm and a wave attack around her that do not do much damage, however pay attention to the wells she lays.

Once she reaches 75% of her life, she summons villagers that you must kill to make her vulnerable again.


Representatives of the Legions gather hired men. Talk to him and offer him your help on the ground.

At the beginning of the chain of events, the coliseum is separated into 3 thirds confided to 3 different legions:

  • West Tiers : Blood trial
  • Central Tiers : Iron trial
  • East Tiers : Ash trial

Choose a legion to which you pledge allegiance and you will have to complete 2 events by tiers(the trials) of the coliseum and a 3rd one which will gather all the players of the coliseum and which requires that the 3 thirds have been successfully completed their 2 events. Each tier require 3 to 5 players minimum, fairly split, or 9 to 15 total.The timer to complete the 2 first event is 10 min whereas the one for the last phase is 5 min.

  • Point de passage : Wardowns Waypoint
  • Site remarquable : Contender's Colosseum

1st Event

Blood Trial (West Tiers) :
Event flag map icon 1Capture control points, enable poison wells, and defeat immunized oozes.

Fosseevent1sanga compressed Fosseevent1sangb compressed

Among the 3 trials this is probably the most difficult ont ,split in 3 groups to be more efficient.

In the first phase you must capture the 3 zones. Once a zone is captured. Once an area is captured, in the loading bar of the event description to the right of your screen, the small green flag turns red.It is no longer necessary to defend this area.Capturing an area requires more players and PnJ in than Oozes. Important information to move quickly from zone to zone depending on the situation if you are not much on the trial.

In the second phase, you must take a potion to be able to hit the Ooze of the same color as the potion you just took.

Iron trial (Central Tiers) :
Icone 1Defeat oozes and deal with any obstructions.

Fosseevent1fer compressed

This is simply a DPS run: kill as fast as possible , the more Oozes you can, until the event bar is empty.

When it's aks, you must place a player or a pnj on each vents, in the AOE that appear, to clog them. There is 5 total vents.

Ash Trial (East Tiers) :
Fill the center vent with oil

Fosseevent1cendre compressed

Prefer the speed skills. Be careful not to be in the Ooze AOE when it finish to load.

Pick up an empty barrel on the plateform, fill it with oil on the other side and finally dump it in the center vent with the skill #3.

The skill #2 allow you to run faster and the #3 to be invisible. Our advice is to use the skill #3 when you are about to dump your oil in the vent.

After a while , Some Oozes are going to appear, 4 mediums at the cardinal points or a big one on the center. Keep doing your back and forth normaly and dodging the AOE at the end of them loading.

Defeat the ley-crazed ooze!

This event is the same as the second one in each Tiers of the Pit.

No big difficulties in this fight, except the timer, it's linked to the first event, so Hurry up!

At the end of the timer, the 2 walls which has divided the pit in 3 tiers, will disappear and everybody team up for the final fight.

Defeat the grand champion ooze!

If the 3 previous trials has been succesfully completed before the end of the timer, the grand champion ooze spawn. In the opposite this a yellow Ooze which you have to kill and you will loose the great reward.


  • Ooze Master  
  • Divide by Zero  
  • Pledged
    • Defeated the grand champion while pledged to assist the Ash Legion.  
    • VDefeated the grand champion while pledged to assist the Blood Legion.  
    • Defeated the grand champion while pledged to assist the Iron Legion.  
  • Immaculate Champ  


This is an event-chain which last for 3 songs of 5 minutes each:

  • Fear the Metal Legion
  • Bound by Blood
  • Ballad of Soulkeeper

If the public excitement reaches 0%, the meta is a failure. To increase the excitement of the public, you must successfully complete the mini-events that appear randomly during the concert. Be careful, most mini-events do not have a big resolution timer! On the contrary, failing or not completing a mini-events lowers the excitement. If a member of the band is down you must revive him. He was probably attacked by a fan. Prevent fans from reaching group members by tapping them as they pass through the audience.

Mini Events

  • CollecteCharge the amp!
    • Pick up one of the Amp Power Cores from the ground at a time and carry it to the amp.
    • The amp to charge is randim, look on your map to found the good one.
    • This is not necessary to bring more than needed.
  • CombatchaotiqueBreak up the fight!
    • Kill the charrs in the public.
  • Icone 1Cheer!
    • Use the "/cheer" emote.
    • Use the "/cheer" emote until the event bar is fully loaded.
  • Icone 1Jump in the mosh pit!
    • Jump in the blue event circle until the event bar is fully loaded.
  • ContruireunobjetRepair the faulty wires!
    • You just need to interac with the sparking parts of the wires on the ground with the repair icon above them.
  • 1770692Run the perimeter!
    • Sweep by going trough the blue checkpoint spheres in order, as you do for a race.
    • The direction is random.
  • EpéesKill the sparks!
    • Kill the sparks in the public!.
    • This is one of the mini event that have the longest timer.
  • Icone 1Pump up the crowd!
    • You will obtained a special skill that allow you to pump up the crowd in front of you.
    • Pump up the more people you can by moving in the crowd.
    • A member of the crowd that cheers is already pump up.
  • Defeat the powerful spark!
    • The spark has a lot of life.
    • This one of the mini event with the longest timer.
  • Stop the amp from blowing!
    • Break the Defiance bar of the amp. to make it restart.
  • 120px bounty targetCatch the leaping charr!
    • Stand in the largest blue AoE circle with the requested number of people. Nothing more.
  • Icone 1Salute!
  • /salute
  • Use the /salute emote until the event bar is fully loaded.
  • Icone 1Cover for injured dancers!
    • Stand in one of the two zone on the scene and repeat the movement by using your skills 6 to 0. you must do the same movement as the Pnj are doing in front of the zone.Be carefull they are chaining the movement.
    • Dance until the event bar is fully loaded.
  • EventmainHit the firework targets!
    • Intereact with the firework and once you are in first person view, shoot at the target before their timer end.
  • Événement final : Stop the haywire concert finale!

    2 minutes before the end of the concert, an event start, you need to kill Pyrotorrick, It will stand on the back of the scene. One key of the fight is to dodge his attacks waves that knock down.

    Concerteventfinal compressed

    Editor : Waldolf
    Correction : Deathmortus & Thoanny
    Thanks : Baderas
    Translation : Mix3X
    Made in collaboration with ArenaNet

    Last edited: 12/06/2022

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