A Concert for the Ages

Reward : 3 20px arenanet points 

Complete each type of mini-event at the concert.Take part in the Metal Legion live and discover that the management of a rock band is not easy.

Welcome to the Metal Legion concert


The concert take place in Point of interest The Crag. Cidd, The band manager, is looking for volunteers to calm the crowd and repair the damage. You will need to protect members Crispa Fangwrencher, Enneca Havocstriker, Zoilus Fiendseeker and Varus Chainrazor while they play their three songs "Fear the Metal Legion", "Bound by blood" and "Ballad of Soulkeeper".

To complete the success of the master of ceremonies, you will have to solve 15 mini-events during the concert to manage the excitement of the crowd and ensure the smooth running of the concert. It is not necessary to do all the events during the same concert. Each successful event increases the excitement, as for event failures, they lower it. If the excitement reaches 0%, the concert is canceled and the musicians leave the stage.

  Mini-Event Description/Explaination Screen
  Charge the amps! Bring the amp power cores to the amp that needs to be charged. The cores appear around the whole scene. Gw386 compressed 3
  Cover for injured dancers! Take place in the circles behind the dancers on the stage and follow the right dance steps by following the dancers in front of you. Your skill bar will change and display dance skills. With each successful dance step, my gauge fills up. Gw123 compressed 2
  Hit the firework targets! Take a fireworks launcher from the sides of the stage. Switch to subjective view and shoot the circular targets that are high above the audience by aiming with the white dot in the middle of your screen. Gw387 compressed 2
  Catch the leaping charr! An area appears in the crowd. You just have to be inside when the group member jumps with enough players. Gw118 compressed 4
  Run the perimeter! Sweep, a series of small areas like an adventure appear. Go through each of them to validate this success. Gw384 compressed 2
  Cheer! Use the "/cheer" emote when you will be asked to applauded. Gw433
  Salute! Use the "/salute" emote. Gw474 compressed 1
  Jump in the mosh pits! Jump on the spot in the event area "Jump in the mosh pit" to fill the gauge of the event.. Gw435 compressed 1
  Kill the sparks! Sparks appear in the audience, kill them. Gw385 compressed 3
  Kill the Elite sparks! Elites Sparks appear in the audience, kill them Gw445 compressed
  Repair the faulty wires! Get on stage and interact with the connections to fix them.. Gw3812 compressed
  Pump up the crowd! Use the special action skill on the chars to build up the excitement, the special action brings up a cone area in front of you that must hit the most different Charrs. Gw120 compressed 4
  Break up the fight! Calm the fight by killing the brawlers before they attack the group members. Gw379 compressed 1
  Stop the haywire concert finale! Final event after the 3 songs. Gw478 compressed 1
  Stop the amp from blowing! This involves breaking the amp's defiance bar before it explodes. Gw448 compressed 3


Editor : Myalesca
Images : Myalesca
Correction :Deathmortus & Thoanny
Translation : Mix3X

Last edited: 13/04/2020

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