Grothmar Valley Historian

Reward : 10 20px arenanet points 

Find all the ancient coins scattered across Grothmar Valley.

  # Descriptions Screen
  1 Under the bridge,West of the Oozes pit. Gw401 compressed 4
  2 South ofSite remarquableSantia's Forge, hidden under a Rocky Hill. Gw400 compressed 3
  3 This Coin is located in a merchant's tent, South of the point of interest Site remarquableAll-Legion Commons. Gw358 compressed 4
  4 This Coin is located under the rear War Wagon , under the Site remarquableIron Legion Camp Vista. Gw128 4 compressed

This Coin is located in the Site remarquableRecon Cove[&BBEMAAA=] under the shattered steppes.

Follow our Guide : Recon cove to check how to reach this point of interest.

  6 In the Red Tent atSite remarquableBand's Bivouac. Gw340 compressed 6
  7 Underwater in the Blood lagoon. Gw341 compressed 4
  8 A bit east of the Site remarquableAurene's Grace Gw354 compressed 4
  9 At the bottom of small waterfall, north of the point of interst Site remarquablePriory Research Station, along the way. Gw338 compressed 5
  10 This one is on the most central lagoon of the 3 lagoons, East of Point de passageDalada Forest Vista Gw355 compressed 3
  11 This coin is located under the waterfall, east of Doomlore Shrine. Gw126 11 compressed
  12 Under some ruins north of the point of interest Doomlore Shrine. Gw339 compressed 4
  13 At the cave entrance to the Cavern of the Khan-Ur, just north of Point de passageDalada Forest Waypoint. Gw336 compressed 4
  14 On a rocky path, North of the Dalada forest. Right next to the chest. Gw128 14 compressed
  15 This Coin is located west of Site remarquableUnity's Beacon , a bit above the cliff. Gw348 compressed 3
  16 This coin is located between two silos at the Fangstorm's Farmhouse.. Gw349 compressed 3
  17 This one is just behind the tower at Site remarquableSoul's Hearth of the Rusty Meadow. Gw351 compressed 3
  18 At the bottom of Site remarquableBlood Dam. Gw352 compressed 3
  19 On the rock over the water, between the Site remarquableBlood Dam and the Site remarquablethe cell in the rusty meadow. Gw129 19 compressed
  20 high up atop the wooden ruins at Longeye's Landslide Gw353 compressed 2
  21 This coin is located under the bridge leading to the brig. North of Point de passageBlood Keep Waypoint. Gw130 21 compressed
  22 Goes up to the first floor of the blood keep, by the south stair, near a bench in the corner of the stair. Gw328 compressed 1
  23 South east of the point of interest Site remarquableShiver Gate high up a small waterfall. Gw345 compressed 4
  24 At the bottom of the gully, west of the bridge that lead to the blood keep, North west of Site remarquableSniper's Square. Gw344 compressed 3
  25 At the back of Khan-Ur Jumping puzzle's second room. Gw363 5
  26 On the north ledge , outside of the Site remarquableBrig tower. Gw131 26 compressed
  27 Beneath the stair that lead to the blood keep by the south. Gw343 compressed 3
  28 High up near the point of interest of theSite remarquableKeep Kitchen.. Gw334 compressed 3
  29 Behind a statue back to the room, in the Site remarquableGreat Hall. Gw332 compressed 2
  30 On a bunk bed in Site remarquableBlood Legion Fahrar ,Upper Blood Keep's Point of interest. Gw103 30 compressed

Editor : Myalesca & Waldolf
Images :  Myalesca & Waldolf
Correction : Deathmortus & Thoanny, Mannou, Brume
Map : Waldolf
Translation : Mix3X

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