Eyes for Ears

Reward : 1020px arenanet points 

Find all the listening devices hidden throughout Grothmar.

There is two way to start this succes :

1. You are Blood Legion Charr

In this case go talk to Ferox Keenaxe at the vista in eastern Lower Blood Keep.

Ferox vivache compressed

2. You are not Blood Legion Charr

In this case you need to reach theSite remarquableRecon cove under the shattered steppes to talk to Iovis Nearspecter.
To do so, you can follow our guide.

The Sweeper

Your contact will give you a Listening Device Sweeper. Double click it on your inventory to activate a special skill, which allow you to detect the listening device, when you are near them.

So you need the sweeper with special skill to validate the step.

Nota : The listening devices are doing a remarquable noise when you approach them, if it's still active, it's set up with the ambiant volume.

Detecteur dappareildecoute compressedActionspecialAppareil decoute

Now it's your turn !
Otherwise, there is the solution just below.

Localisations guide

Something for my ARCH-rival. Heh.  

Ilvaetrearchisurpri compressed

Just Behind Ferox Keenaxe, the pnj who gave you the sweeper

Listen in where he keeps watch.  

Tendezloreillelaouilsurveille compressed

Tune in for a tune up.  

Unevoiedegaragepleinedesurprise compressed

Sometimes it's okay to have things confiscated.  

Confisquee compressed

In the Warden's office , behind is desk or somewhere in the shelf.

Keep surveillance of her under the table.  

Elleestsurveilleedesouslatable compressed

I'll never miss a song again.  

Jenemanqueraiplusjamaislamoindrechanson compressed

He seems nice, but can we really trust him?  

Ilalairaimable peutonvraimentluifaireconfiance compressed

I'd hate to have to climb all those steps just to sleep.  

Escamadertoutcapoursereposer cestabsurde compressed

Maybe I can catch some cooking tips?  

Jepeuxpeutetreglanerquelquesconseilsdecuisine compressed

Drinks and secrets are often spilled together.  

Invinoveritas compressed

I'll cross this one when I have to.  

Beaucoupdeauyacoule compressed

Right on target.  

Piledanslemille compressed

Recruited a spy we don't need to pay or feed.  

Un espion qui demande ni remuneration ni dedommagement compressed

What are they even researching?  

Sur quoi leur recherches peuvent elles bien porter compressed

Remember: establish plausible deniability.  

Ne pas oublier de brouiller les pistes compressed

Editor : Menida
Images : Menida & Myalesca
Correction : Deathmortus & Thoanny
Translation : Mix3X

Made in collaboration with ArenaNet

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