Master of the ancestral forge

Collect all Restored Boreal weapons.  

Rewards : total of 50points de succès and the items below :
  • Tier 1 : +1points de succès
  • Tier 2 : +3points de succès + 1 Gift of the Ancestors (a Raven's Eye Scepter weapon, a Boneskinner Tonic, and a 20-slot bag recipe)
  • Tier 3 : +3points de succès + 1 Maitriseepopee
  • Tier 4 : +3points de succès + 1 Recipe: Sturdy Boreal Duffel
  • Tier 5 : +5points de succès + 1 Gift of the Ancestors (a Helm of the Dragonrender box, a Sweet Campfire Treat, a 20-slot bag, and a 28-slot bag recipe)
  • Tier 6 : +5points de succès + 1 Season 4 Currency Box​
  • Tier 7 : +5points de succès + 1 Gift of the Ancestors (a Raven Spirit Shadow that can be summoned, a Raven Statue decoration, a 24-slot bag, and a 32-slot bag recipe)
  • Tier 8 : +10points de succès + 50 Eternal Ice Shards
  • Tier 9 : +15points de succès + titre "Master of the Spirits"

Is it a good time to get the old boreal weapons ?

Required: having done the "Silence" step of the episode "Whisper in the Dark" (S5E1) in order to obtain the Urgent Vigil Letter.

See Anette Eymundrdottir [Karma Merchant] next to the Point de passageJora's Keep Waypoint.

Acquisition recettearmeborealrestaure compressed

After you have purchased an Ancient Boreal weapon skin, you can then buy the corresponding recipe to make the restored version of the same weapon. They will then have to be manufactured with a 400 level craftsman of the corresponding trade.

Each recipe costs 2 Or + 50Eternal Ice Shards. For a total of 32Or and 800Eternal Ice Shards to have the 16 skins of ancient boreal weapons.

For weapons manufacturing, the recipe uses the same components as for exotic berserker versions, with an additional 10 eitrite ingots (for each weapon), or 160 eitrite ingots in total.

The only repeatable sources of eitrite ingots are essence chests; 1 ingot in the small boxes, 2 in the medium. They can be harvested daily :

Recette espadon boreal restaure compressed

Restored Boreal Axe  

Hacheborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Dagger  

Dagueborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Focus  

Facusborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Greatsword  

Espadonborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Hammer  

Marteauborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Longbow  

Arclongborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Mace  

Masseborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Pistol  

Pistoletborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Rifle  

Fusilborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Scepter  

Sceptreborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Shield  

Bouclierborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Short Bow  

Arccourtborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Staff  

Batonborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Sword  

Epeeborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Torch  

Torcheborealrestaure compressed

Restored Boreal Warhorn  

Corborealrestaure compressed


Editor : Menida
Correction : Thoanny & Mannou
Translation : Cryshah

Carried out in cooperation with ArenaNet


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