The Hunger

Rewards : 1020px arenanet points , 1Maitriseepopee, 1 Berserker's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription and a total of 10 Eitrite Ingots

Collect all the food Bright Shore desires.

To unlock this achievement, you must first have met Bright Shore in the Aberrant Forest and thus get the achievement Just Resting. This step will unlock The Hunger.

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To complete The Hunger achievement, you'll need to go hunting meat and bring it back to Bright Shore before you can take the next step. This achievement can be done alone, however the last event that bounds the Boneskinner to the meat harvest, needs to be done in a group. When you complete the achievement, Bright Shore will become a karma merchant who will offer you to buy the ascended amulet: Asgeir's Amulet.

Imported Blood Orange   & Delivered Imported Blood Orange  

You will find the imported blood orange into Jora Keep from Anette Eymundrdrottir for 3115 karma and 50 Eternal Ice Shards.

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Eternal Ice Shards   & Delivered Rabbit Meat Chunk  

To get this meat, you'll have to kill a rabbit. You will find some between the Frozen Pass and the Svanir Plateau or directly out of Jora Keep.

Deer Meat Chunk   & Delivered Deer Meat Hunk  

You will find deer in the Frozen Pass, just outside Jora Keep.

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Bear Flank   Delivered Bear Flank  

You get the flank by killing a type of bear. There are, for example, Arctodus near the Bear Shrine in the Fallen Mountains.

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Aberrant Warg Meat Chunk   & Delivered Aberrant Warg Meat Chunk  

Not far from Bright Shore lurking aberrant enemies. A warg won't be hard to find.

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Boneskinner Flank   & Delivered Boneskinner Flank  

To finish this meat harvest, you must succeed in killing the Boneskinner that appears at the end of Captain Igenna Jawspire's chain of events, which begins at Jora Keep.

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