Bjora Marches Treasure Hunter

Rewards : 320px arenanet points et  1Maitriseepopee

Open all the Norn chests within Bjora Marches.

To make the treasure hunt easier, watch out for two things :

  • Unlock the Raven Bond Mastery
    • If you've also already unlocked the Raven's Light, it can be useful in some places.
  • Part of the chests are in Asgeir's Legacy, which is only accessible after successfully finished : Winter Storms.

The chests can be harvested daily and are bounded to the characters.

Interactive map

For the chest of this achievement, don't pay attention to the chests in green, red and blue


  Location Description Screenshot Required
  Asgeir's Legacy n°01 This chest is located in the center in Asgeir's Legacy, not far from the champion Kodan. Gw453 compressed Successfully complete the Winter Storms event.
  Asgeir's Legacy n°02 This chest is located to the northwest in the Asgeir's Legacy. Gw454 compressed
  Asgeir's Legacy n°03 This chest is located in the Asgeir's Legacy, near the Champion Svanir. Gw452 compressed
  Asgeir's Legacy n°04 This chest is located to the west in the Asgeir's Legacy. Gw451 compressed 3
  Southern Mountains This chest is located in a cave, protected by a magical wall just south of the Southern Mountains. Gw147 1 Maitriseepopee
  Frozen Pass n°01 It is located in a cave guarded by a wall that you reach following the path towards the northwest leaving the Jora's Keep.

Gw144 6

  Frozen Pass n°02 From Jora's Keep, head north. A little to the east of the Maitriseepopee path, below the is a cave in which is a glorious norn chest.

Gw149 2

Roller beetle
  Sons of Svanir Camp n°01 Behind a tent in Southeast Svanir camp southeast. Gw169 2  
  Sons of Svanir Camp n°02 At the entrance of a tent in Southwest Svanir Camp. Gw159 4  
  Sons of Svanir Camp n°03 Near the supply box in Northwest Svanir camp. Gw166  
  Sons of Svanir Camp n°04 Behind a tent in Northeast Svanir camp. Gw151 5  

Editor : Myalesca
Interactive map : Deathmortus
Correction : Thoanny & Mannou
Translation : Cryshah

Carried out in collaboration with ArenaNet.

Last edited: 20/11/2023

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