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The Sanctum Arena is the second strike mission of the Icebrood Saga that can be found at Bjora Marches. This strike mission characteristic is to provide a weekly rotation of 3 bosses with each their own combat mechanics.

To be able to get into the instance, you need to be part of a squad. You may choose between two types of instances :

  • Strike Mission: Sanctum Arena (Squad)
    • You have to be part of a pre-formed squad, with friends or guildmates for instance.
    • The leader of the squad having completed Bjora Marches storyline is required to launch the instance.
  • Strike Mission: Sanctum Arena (Public)
  • You automatically joined an instance with other players willing to defeat the boss.
  • Everyone need to have completed Bjora Marches storyline.

Arena Features

This strike mission arena is an ancient circular room adapted to the current weekly boss. During the different fight, an aura will inflict sustan damage to players.

At the doorway, Raven Shaman Hallveig is waiting for you to start the fight. You may also fond an anvil and an essence pylon depending on the weekly rotation :

  • a pylon of vigilance for the Voice and Claw of the Fallen.
  • a pylon of valor for the Fraenir of Jormag.
  • a pylon of resilience for the Boneskinner.

Currently and until Tueday morning (1:30 UTC), the Arena Sanctuary Strike Mission is defended by ?.

  • gw582-1

    Fraenir of Jormag New

    The Fraenir of Jormag is one of three weekly bosses of the Sanctum Arena.


In addition to daily rewards obtainable depending on the time it took to defeat the boss, two chests (one small and one medium) will appear at the end of the fight. They need the corresponding essence manipulation mastery to be opened and contain mainly Eitrite Ingots and Eternal Ice shards.

Sanctum Arena
Rank Allowed Time Number of chests
Recompense d'aventure or 3:00 3
Recompense d'aventure argent 5:00 2
Recompense d aventure bronze 10:00 1

Legendary Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen  

Récompense : 10 20px arenanet points 

Defeat the Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen in the Sanctum Arena.

Legendary Boneskinner  

Récompense : 10 20px arenanet points 

Kill the boneskinner in the Sanctum Arena.

Legendary High Shaman

Récompense : 10 20px arenanet points 

Defeat the High Shaman in the Sanctum Arena.

Editor : Myalesca
Script : Thoanny
Correction : Deathmortus & Rousskass
Translation : Cryshah

Last edited: 21/03/2020

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