Icebrood Saga

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Icebrood Saga -  17 september 2019 (Announcement)

While all seems quiet in the wake of Kralkatorrik’s defeat, whispers of trouble are stirring in the Northern Shiverpeaks. In this new Living World story, you and your allies will find yourselves at the center of a gathering storm as an ancient and insidious threat slowly reveals itself. Together you’ll face Jormag’s cult, the Icebrood, who have been twisted by the Elder Dragon’s corrupting power.

  • Grothmar Valley

    Guides of the Grothmar Valley, of Bound by Blood and all content associated with the September 17, 2019 update.
  • Bjora Marches

    Whisper in the Dark & Shadow in the ice , episode 1 & 2 of the Icebrood Saga - 19 november 2019 & January 28, 2020 An urgent message from Almorra Soulkeeper summons you deeper into the Far Shiverpeaks, where you and your allies must stand together against ...
  • Drizzlewood Coast

    Guides of the Drizzlewood Coast
  • Strike Missions

    List of Strike Missions.