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Safari 2015 OLA / LBM

Projet safari4

From the 3th of October 2015, LBM and OLA are pleased to invite you to participate to the SAFARI! From the Pale Tree’s roots to the Heartsond Falls, from the Valley of Gwaun to the Ley Line Hub, step into many remote areas to grab the first place and hope to win the reward you covet.

Every Saturday at 12:00p.m. EDT , 9:00a.m. PST.  (5:00 p.m. BST - 6:00 p.m. CEST), we will add a new board with screenshots that you need to reproduce and send to us in order to get points. You will find the screenshots of the week by clicking on the white sheets on the boards in the images below. (Warning : Does NOT work with mobile devices)

In order to score the most points you will need to find the exact location where each screenshot has been taken so that you can take exactly the same with your character. Be precise as every detail counts and any screenshot sent cannot be sent again! To send your screenshot you only need to use the :

Form Safari OLA / LBM.




Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6

A score system has been put in place to count up the points earned every week.

  • 5 points for a screenshot successfully taken and sent during the week after it got posted on the board between Saturday at 12:00p.m. for N.Y, 9:00a.m. for L.A. (5:00 p.m. BST in london - 6:00 p.m. in Paris) and the next Saturday at 11:59a.m. for N.Y, 8:59a.m. for L.A. (4h59 p.m. BST in london - 5:59 p.m. in Paris).
    • +1 point for the first received screenshot
    • -1 point for bad framing or UI not disabled
    • -1 point for positioning
    • -1 point for wrong details in the background
  • 4 points for a screenshot successfully not in the right week (before the week after it got posted)
    • -1 point for bad framing or UI not disabled
    • -1 point for positioning
    • -1 point for wrong details in the background

Some hidden screenshots can be found in the image above, find them all ! There is no bonus for sending a screen first or in any week.

  • 3 points for a screenshot successfully taken
    • -1 point for bad framing or UI not disabled
    • -1 point for positioning
    • -1 point for wrong details in the background

No transformation or disguise tonic will be accepted

Those who will have earned the most points at the end of the event 6 weeks later will win one of the prizes below. The prizes will be chosen according to your position in the rankings: the first will choose first, then the second, etc.

Lots pour le safari

and 3 code 400Gemme 32px​ thanks to Arenanet

Ilex of Dreams Emberglow Flamebelcher Godswalk Enchiridion Wall of the Mists
Infinite Light Crying Thorn of Dreams Scarlet's Rainbow Mirage Wintersbite
Mjölnir Arthropoda Ilya Jormag's Breath Mystic Rifle
Wolfsbane of Dreams Stinger Scarlet's Kiss Foefire's Essence Wings of Dwayna
Lidless Eye Kryta's Salvation Valkyrie Corrupted Skeggox Naegling Melandru's Gaze
Firebringer Pillar of Ulgoth Crustacea Lord Taeres's Shadow Wintersbark
Cragstone The Mad Moon Reaper of Souls Maw of the Damned Tear of Grenth
Arachnophobia Black Fleet Bludgeon Immobulus Feathers of Dwayna Unspoken Curse
Squeedily Spooch Flux Matrix Reaver of the Mists Occultist Flame King's Remembrance
Assassin's Primordus Shield Phoenix Talon Spirit Links Titans' Vengeance Eye of Rodgort
Valkyrie Corrupted Avenger Malice Dreadwing Razah's Nightmare Jormag's Needle
Berserker's Primordus Axe Stygian Blade The Fate of Menzies Final Rest Chalice of the Gods
Kodanroar Breath of Flame Cooguloosh Heart of Mellaggan Beacon of Light
Arcanus Obscurus Big Juju Bow of the Pale Stag Goblet of Kings Knot of Justice
The Ugly Stick Foulbear Lucky Feathers Song of the Numberless Pack Dragonshot Trosa's Short Bow
Kymswarden Komalie's Sacrificial Blade Imryldyeen Venomstriker Whisperblade
Skybringer Ak-Muhl's Jaw Super Hyperbeam Alpha Moonshank Vision of the Mists
Poyaqui's Noggin The Briny Deep Deathwish Kenshi's Wing Resonator
Abyssal Scepter Seasatchel Sarraceniaceae Volcanus Al'ir'aska
Glint's Scale Shield of the Moon Glimmerfang Tinwail Usoku's Needle
Illusion Aether Phoenix Reborn The Stingray Gaze
Magmaton The Anomaly Entropy Cobalt Dragonfury
Guardian of the Six Mystic Artifact The Crossing Rusttooth Zhaitan's Reach
Ebonblade Impaler Fixer Upper Silence Shiverstone
Rivetwall Dragonspine Malachidean Crystalline Blade Berserker's Mace
Courage Droknar's Forgehammer Ophidian Stardust Monsoon
Ambrosia Levvi's Detector Limitless Furnace Dhuumseal Peasant's Solution
Coldsnap Eternal Sands Charrzooka Moonshine Arc
Genesis Shard of the Deep The Malestrom Mojo Combustion
Sinister Welding Torch of Smoldering Jaws of Death Soulshard Wisteria Handheld Disaster
Anura Guild Defender Cutthroat Caller Bonetti's Rapier Avirdanag
Urchin's Needles Knowledge is Power Nitro Twin Talons Kevin
Mecha Anchor Kryta's Embrace Khrysaor, the Golden Sword Bow of the White Hart Shield of the Wing
Scepter of the Highborn Faithful Vera Accursed Chains Bloodseeker
Claws of the Desert Exterminator Song of the Temptress Crystal Guardian Emberspire
Horn of the Rogue Bull Naga Fang Tsunami Mystic Staff Truth
The Punisher X6-31 Beta Mystic Claymore Rhongomyniad Rockweed Spire
Winged Spatha Bramblethorne Valkyrie Corrupted Blade Drakestrike Adam
X7-10 Alpha Windstorm Remnant of Ascalon Jora's Defender Gungnir
Wall of Thorns Infinite Wisdom Grimward Spade of the Deep Final Curse


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Comments (41)

  • 1. Xenophy | 25/01/2016
Got it, thank you very much ^.^
  • 2. Xenophy | 24/01/2016
Hi, I haven't got any Item from you, but I answered your E-Mail 2 times and also sent one InGame Mail to Wäldölf...
A friend of mine already got her Item but she was below me, I'm very disappointed :/
  • 3. Mimyh | 24/11/2015
Oh cool, thanks for the link :)
  • 4. waldolf (link) | 24/11/2015
You can find the result and your place at the bottom right of this page Event or at this adress :
Sorry the text is in french but the result are International :)

You will get an email when it's your turn to choose a prize.
  • 5. Mimyh | 24/11/2015
Sooo, have the winners been contacted and is a post on this site not going to be made? Curious whats happening.
  • 6. waldolf (link) | 15/11/2015
@Mimyh It's okay we have it :)
@Xenophy Please send them again :/ (you will not loose point)
@Jaded J is canceled :)
  • 7. Jaded | 15/11/2015
Hi, I resubmitted J several times, and it still hasn't shown up on the spreadsheet.. Has there been an issue with it? I sent it with other screenshots so that I could tell it had been submitted.
  • 8. Mimyh | 14/11/2015
Hi, I was just wondering about my submission for E. It is missing on the spreadsheet, but I am fairly sure I submitted it shortly after it came out, it was one of the first I did that week.
I will resubmit to be safe though.
  • 9. Xenophy | 14/11/2015
I've send all screens except 56 and E, I hope you've got them becuase there were some issues while sending them :)

So far thank you for this nice event, it was fun :D
Less Dredge-Screens next time please :P
  • 10. Jaded | 14/11/2015
  • 11. Jaded | 14/11/2015
I've seen one of my bonus screenshots several times... is there a reason it didn't get added with the others I submitted??
  • 12. Jaded | 03/11/2015
For one of the screenshots this week, its in an old version of a map... Either we are completely off in the map today, or using an old story instance has similar aspects but the place to stand is way off..... What did you want for this one??
  • 13. Eleah.7431 | 27/10/2015
Does graphics matter? Also, I have noticed that my screen is quite square compared to the screens I have to copy, leaving out some details on the sides. Will I get dinged for this? I doubt I would lose points for this but if so, it would be pretty horrible. I do not have a wider screen available.
  • 14. waldolf (link) | 25/10/2015
@Eleah We will see the exact date and time
@Sashera Yes send them again :)
  • 15. Sashera | 24/10/2015
hey guys, hope you are all enjoying HoT as much as i am ^^ I just wanted to double check with you guys as the deadline is soon, I know I sent in a form with all of my screenshots about 12 hours ago (i always wait about half a day/ a day because I know you guys are busy) but according to your chart you've only received 1 of mine this week :c should I send them in again?
  • 16. Eleah.7431 | 23/10/2015
How will you manage tie-breakers?
  • 17. Eleah.7431 | 17/10/2015
No problem! I was not exactly complaining just making sure. Some of those screenshots took hours to get so I wanted to be certain that they were received and there have been no technical errors. Thank you for posting this activity :). It has been really fun. You guys did a good job putting this together.
  • 18. waldolf (link) | 17/10/2015
The actual time you send them to us (mail time). We read every mail we received manually, we do as fast as we can :D We are french so 5:41 it's very early in the morning for a saturday.
  • 19. Eleah.7431 | 17/10/2015
I have noticed that it takes a long time for the board to update that the files have been received. It has been over 6 hours that I have sent my screen shots and they still have not been updated. My question is: What determines that my screens have been taken on time and before the deadline? The board? or the actual time I sent them to you?
  • 20. waldolf (link) | 14/10/2015
No :)
  • 21. Shiori | 14/10/2015
Is it important if its night or day on the screen?
  • 22. Angie | 12/10/2015
I confirm what Lexy said. Maybe there's something wrong with png format? I'm pretty clueless with those things, tbh. All I know is that I had to re-send screenshots several times because I wouldn't get the message at the top. I only realised a day later even. Sadly it kept happening. Good job on the fun event anyway.
  • 23. Lexy | 11/10/2015
Thanks, resent. I converted them to jpg this time - maybe it didn't like the png format of the first lot. Got a confirmation banner at the top. Great competition by the way, lots of fun
  • 24. waldolf (link) | 11/10/2015
Hi, how long does it take for your name to be added to the spreadsheet? I submitted some pics about an hour before the week 1 deadline yesterday, just want to know they've been received?

Depending on our agenda. They've not been received :/ Send them again we will see... Don't forget to disable addblock and complete the captcha. And check at the top of the contact page if you have a succefull message.
  • 25. Lexy | 11/10/2015
Hi, how long does it take for your name to be added to the spreadsheet? I submitted some pics about an hour before the week 1 deadline yesterday, just want to know they've been received?
  • 26. waldolf (link) | 11/10/2015
@Nick you window need to be full screen (or almost)
  • 27. waldolf (link) | 11/10/2015
When will we find out the points we get for each pic?

At the end of the contest
How can we confirm you have receive submissions for hidden pics?

We don't want to show it because people will see they are real :p Send them with screenshots of the week and if they are "OK" then the hidden pics are OK too :)
  • 28. DarkDemon | 11/10/2015
2 Questions
When will we find out the points we get for each pic?

How can we confirm you have receive submissions for hidden pics?
  • 29. waldolf (link) | 11/10/2015
I have a question: may i take a screenshots with all my characters?

can i send you a screenshots from the Week 1? Will i get some points form it?

Yes =D
  • 30. Itanicus | 10/10/2015
I have a question: may i take a screenshots with all my characters? for example: i want to make a screenshot of location 14 with my norn engineer and i want to make a screenshot of location 17 with my charr warrior. Is that correct? 2 or 3 different characters from my account on my screenshots? I know that i will not send you a screenshot of location 15 with both my engineer and warrior.

Another question: can i send you a screenshots from the Week 1? Will i get some points form it?

Thank you for all responds.
  • 31. Nick | 10/10/2015
I appear to be confused, and horribly at that. is there suppose to be clickable links to get a "hint" to the locations? on the image with the asura standing in front of the board? I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I am clicking on the sheets and nothing is happening.
  • 32. waldolf (link) | 10/10/2015
It's seems to be okay now ?
  • 33. Eleah | 09/10/2015
How long does it take to know if my screen shots were properly received?
  • 34. Moxx | 08/10/2015
Is it possible to get any hints on some of the locations? A lot of them I have a vague idea of the area of Tyria but not sure where to start for some!
  • 35. waldolf (link) | 07/10/2015
Hidden screenshots can only be found in-game
  • 36. karasu | 07/10/2015
Are the hidden screenshots supposed to be only found in-game, or can they be from a website?
  • 37. waldolf (link) | 07/10/2015
Yes, on both so all GW2 players may participate :)
BC Prhys
  • 38. BC Prhys | 06/10/2015
Forget my previous question. Sleep deprived.
BC Prhys
  • 39. BC Prhys | 06/10/2015
Is this event strictly located on the European servers, the American servers, or on both so all GW2 players may participate?
  • 40. waldolf (link) | 06/10/2015
  • 41. Paige | 06/10/2015
Is this where we post the screenies?

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